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Unsubscribe at any time. Personally, I keep a lot of documents in a filing cabinet at home, but all my tax returns, S. I stick to digital with digital backups as much as possible. Paperless is certainly the way to go. Suze Orman is a marketing mind first and financial mind second. That is neither a compliment nor a complaint — simply an observation…. I should do something like this…thanks for the frugal method! I watched her hawk this on PBS recently during their pledge drive.

She is a masterful saleswoman. It was fascinating to watch; she is very convincing.

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This is a great way for Suze Orzman to make money. She has name recognition and this is very cheap to throw together.


I logged on to say while water protection is good use ziplock bags , you need some fire protection too. As for writing wills, if you only want a simple will, you can get samples from the internet for free or just write your own. Once you want to organize, some simple files would do. Too much dependency on tools and gadgets is just wasting money. Once you got into the habit of filing, then you can explore at tweaking them to suit your needs.

I rather that way. I just started with Excel and a folder with multiple pockets. That worked for me and my budget. Perhaps six months down the line I will look into Money or Quicken. Until then…mmm.. Suze Orman is a money advising hack. She gives you basic information that you could have read about on any personal finance blog on the internet.

You lost me at Suze Orman. I was never impressed with her books, etc. Pure fluff, total arrogance, and so much more. Of particular note was her making it very clear that she was hot stuff, and oh-so-cool because she was rich. She not only came across that way, she directly and clearly communicated it verbally.

I despise that attitude. I have many very wealthy friends. I can tell you with certainty that not all wealthy people are arrogant and think they are better than those less wealthy.

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Count me out is Suze is involved. I have also purchased Suze Ormans organization portfolio.

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I think for someone who has no idea where to start it is good. It helped me to get all of my papers in order. That was over a year ago. So now I use the same categories for my file folders and have everything organized in a file drawer. So,is it worth it? Ultimately,for me yes. Would I tell others to buy it? No,I would tell them just what I did and let them decide for themselves. I can see what you are saying here, but I still think its great and simplified product for those who are less-DIY inlclined say my mother.

I have to admit when I first saw this post I though the gizmo was a shredder. I agree absolutely. But for many GRS readers, I think building your own emergency organizer is a better way to go. They have it on amazon. Look for one that has the book with the cd with it. Plan B would be an Ebay search to see if I could obtain the kit at a lower price. Suze kills her credibility by putting her brand on this. I appreciate the comments here. I am leaning towards a vote to skip the seminar and actually do some work that my customer will appreciate. This is supposed to be helpful how?

Hitting on the theme of identity theft again, putting your SS Card, Passport, and other financial records all in one place makes for quick work for thieves.

The old form of burglary, stealing cameras, jewelry, etc. Different states have different laws. I had ordered this kit from QVC. At first I thought I would be happy with it since it seemed so comprehensive. After I looked at it for a few days I felt quilty for spending the money on something that I could put together myself for a lot less money, so back it went!

A Do-It-Yourself Alternative

Perhaps important papers ould be kept in a safety deposit box at a bank- identity thieves would have a hrd time getting to the items there! Rules on the number of witnesses needed for a will signing vary state to state, as does much of the substantive law on wills. In my state, having a notary act as the sole witness to the signing a will would not fly for the purposes of authentication. Plenty of people will never have an issue using these products.

Plenty of people will. Most of them would have been better served by spending extra to have someone qualified do it properly. You are so right about the ID theft stuff. As a Financial Coach I end up helping my clients pick up the pieces long after the initial theft. This is great advice. You can keep your personal information organized without compromising security. When it comes to wills, trusts, and other estate planning, just save the money to get it professionally done. Get professional advisors to handle your personal stuff instead of doing it yourself.

Yes, that is my name- not related to Suze.

Suze Orman's Protection Portfolio Gold Edition

I have a certified birth certificate for proof. If Suze is such a idiot why do people continue to quote her and reference her name. She is successful because she gives you valid advice. Suze does ask you to do a little research on your own, I think a good idea.