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Placing third in our roundup, Olive Garden should change its slogan from "when you're here, you're family" to "when you're here, your friend eats free.

Get the deal: Printable coupons are the name of the game at Olive Garden, and we see about two a month on average. While you can always find printables here, another great place to nab these old-school coupons is in your mailbox. Your actual, physical mailbox, that is, not the one where you find all those cat pictures.

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Just four entries in, and we're already on our second pizza place! We find that sort of constancy oddly comforting. Get the deal: Once again, pizza proves to be the most convenient food, as you can almost always score a Pizza Hut deal via online coupon code. Set up a deal alert and let the cheap food come to you.

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If our countdown was making you thirsty, you're in luck! Jamba Juice has the privilege of being the only drink seller to make our list, and it's in the top five to boot! BOGO beverages are the discount of choice at this establishment, which is lovely because everyone knows you shouldn't drink alone.

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We've seen a little less than two of Jamba Juice's coupons per month on average over the last two years, but they tend to stick around for awhile before expiring. Get the deal: Jamba Juice uses printable coupons, so the usual deal-finding rules apply. That said, redeeming these coupons can be tricky: As is the case with many drink sellers, participation in coupons varies wildly by location. Jamba Juices located in airports are especially notorious for not accepting printable coupons.

When it comes to tasty freebies, you can always count on Chili's. This Tex-Mex restaurant never delivers discounts, but instead clawed its way up to the sixth spot on our list through free apps, desserts, and kids' meals. Get the deal: We see a couple printable coupons from Chili's per month, so you can always opt for a deal alert. You can also join the Chili's Email Club ; not only will you hear about coupons, but you'll score some free chips and salsa just for signing up.

If you're looking to feed the fam with traditional American fare, your best bet is the restaurant in our seventh slot. Boston Market offers a wider variety of discounts than most of the other entries on our list, but we have seen a fair number of dollar-off coupons. Of course, Boston Market stands out from the pack for one type of offer in particular: half-off Family Meals.

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No other restaurant on our list is as committed to feeding so many people at once with the possible exception of the pizza places. Get the deal: Boston Market is a big fan of the printable coupon, and has one to two discounts per month on average. This is one restaurant you'll want to set a deal alert for, though — many of its best coupons are only good for one day.

Krispy Kreme does just one thing, but it's an awesome thing: it gives away free doughnuts to the doughnut-less masses. This pastry purveyor serves up BOGO dozens of doughnuts and single-doughnut freebies on a fairly regular basis, sometimes as often as once a month. There are periodic doughnut droughts throughout the year, though, which is why Krispy Kreme didn't find a higher spot on our countdown. Get the deal: Would-be doughnut devourers should set up a deal alert, as many of these offers don't require any sort of coupon — you just have to show up. If you want to be extra sure you hear about Krispy Kreme freebies, check out their Facebook page.

Moving from warm and flaky to cold and creamy on the sweet spectrum, the next best place for deals is Baskin-Robbins. You can count on this ice cream shop to offer BOGO ice cream once a month, with a coupon that lasts about a week. The only caveat here is that sometimes the coupon will dictate that you buy the flavor of the month, which is kind of a crapshoot taste-wise.

Get the deal: No special hoops to jump through here; just keep your eyes peeled for a Baskin-Robbins printable coupon around the first of the month. Who knew free ice cream could be so convenient? Fast food's already got a reputation for value, so maybe that's why only one such restaurant made it into our top Tuesday is one of the best days of the week for fast food deals and restaurant specials including halfprice burgers, pizza BOGOs, taco specials and free kids meals.

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Shop for Deals Beyond Meals at Restaurant. Get printable restaurant coupons and gift certificates at RetailMeNot. View the latest McDonald's coupons to find delicious deals today! Learn more about our deals on the McDonalds App. The most recent offer is Only 2 for a 10 Restaurant Certificate from Restaurant. If you're looking for Restaurants coupons, then you've come to the right place.

Don't miss out! The winners would receive a free meal for two, and everyone else got a coupon for a free appetizer just for entering.

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They trial ran promotions using through Facebook Messenger — and the results were impressive. If you have the budget, you can test a video ad. Paid video ads let you see where people stop watching your video. So your retargeting efforts can be more precise and effective.

The ad targeting used was fairly straightforward. You want to test different groups in order to maximize your ad spend. For example, we tested different age groups, as well as targeted people who liked Mexican food—burritos, tacos, tequila, salsa, and so on—who lived within 10 miles of the restaurant itself. The JSON growth tool accomplishes the same thing in fewer clicks, and it may improve your conversion rate!

After you click through to reach the chatbot, the first message makes it super easy to enter the drawing—just click the button to enter:.

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If you want to keep track of everyone who enters the contest, you can tag users who click through to enter. So how well did this message work? Take a look for yourself. It was delivered to people. Everyone opened it, and nearly everyone— people, or Once the visitor clicked that button, we sent them a few messages explaining how the contest worked:. The coupon was to help draw more people into the restaurant and turn them into long-term patrons.