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Often times a formation of a post gets started by one writer and passed along to one or more writers before completion. At times there are author attributions at the end of one of these posts. In either case, the writing is original to Buffalo Rising. Your Name. Your Email. Advertise With Us. Search for:. So the aim of the Local Coupon Book is to kick-start the economy by encouraging wise and local spending.

Businesses in the book hail from South Buffalo to Clarence. Not a bad read for locals or visitors. Take a look inside the book here. Available at over local retailers, a complete list of vendors can be found at the Buffalo First web site. She was strong, and her accomplishments reflect this.

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I'll miss her. See you on your next appointment Coleen. I know you won't be late! She's funny. Funny was just one trait that made Coleen stand out from the crowd. She was smart, sassy, vivacious, simultaneously socially conscious and equal-opportunity irreverent -- and so good at what she did that she made it all seem effortless. Whenever Coleen ran the show, you knew it would go smoothly. What's more, her hours of behind-the-scenes work included extra touches no one would have missed if they hadn't been there, but that completed the picture because they were.

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That sort of thing rubbed off. Last year, as I was organizing an event, at every turn I found myself asking, "What would Coleen do? And she would present those brochures in attractive folders. Standing in a store, clutching 68 appropriate royal blue folders and a dozen not-quite-right turquoise ones, the answer to the question "What would Coleen do?

Trips to several more stores finally yielded enough folders in the correct color, and nothing tickled Coleen more than hearing the entire saga. Political touchstone, worshipper of hamentashen, teller of jokes "That's nice! To know her was indeed to love her. When I joined the WGUC staff last year, I entered an office full of bright, caring people who did their best to make me feel welcome. Coleen Tracey's comments, in particular, put me in the picture in some rather interesting ways. Someone is always feeding us, so beware! The snack room nearly always features a plate of some sort of fattening goody and office lunches are a frequent occurrence.

Right again. The jokes are rampant and always amusing.

And, as a source of office gossip, she was unparalleled. Coleen also took it upon herself to help me become acquainted with Cincinnati and recommended restaurants and activities on a regular basis. I think she also decided to try to upgrade my very basic wardrobe knit pants and tops by hinting broadly more than once that I should look at the Nordstrom sale web site. In my last encounter with her, she came into my office sporting a new pair of black patent leather clogs with a ski buckle.

I shall miss her! I worked as an intern under Coleen during the winter of She was a very spirited person who loved her job.

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She taught me a lot about the radio industry and about the real world. My heart goes out to her family. I so wish that I was able to share these words, and my heart, with you in person. I am there with you in heart and spirit, of course. Adam, thank you for loving Coleen so well.

You were the love of her life, no question. Those of us who had been cheering Coleen along in romance and love were so happy when you came along. I will never forget her radiance at your wedding and the delight of that day. It was a great honor and privilege for me to officiate your wedding.

I can still picture her absolute glow and mirth, and all of you guys running around in those kilts. I can remember all of those people gathered there who loved Coleen and you. And, all those people whom Coleen had loved so well -- people from every corner of life in Cincinnati. Coleen cast such a wide net of love, laughter, friendship and care around so many of us.

Her net and circles just got wider and wider, including more people, more causes, more ways to make a difference in the world.


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It was Stonewall Cincinnati wherein Coleen cast her net upon me and brought me in so well. I had been serving on the Board and then was asked to serve as Executive Director with Coleen -- and we were the "two-person" Stonewall staff working with and for a most remarkable Board of Directors, many there today to remember and celebrate Coleen's life.

Coleen taught me everything I know about grassroots organizing and working for social change. In the midst of the serious work of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights, with Coleen there was always time for laughter, perspective, a good cup of coffee and nearly every week, an Indian meal for lunch. We used to howl with laughter as she would look at the lunch menu, say that she really should order something different, and then order the same dish every time. Coleen left light tracks wherever she went. Those of us fortunate enough to have known her can always keep a special place in our hearts for her and the grace she brought to our lives.

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  5. To all of you who loved her well, who knew she was an extraordinary woman, who appreciated her indomitable spirit, and those of you who laughed with her, sang with her, and dreamed with her of a world of dignity and respect for all persons, good for you. I thank God for the gift of Coleen Tracey in my life, and all of you who loved her so well, particularly you, Adam. As time goes by, I imagine that remembrances and celebrations of Coleen will surface, like she did, in both likely and unpredictable places Without a doubt, my favorite "Coleen story" was about her dog, Stella.

    When Kent met Stella he employed a couple of techniques he learned while training our dog, and when Stella complied Coleen was amazed!

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    From then on Coleen called Kent "the dog whisperer," and grinned happily whenever they would exchange pet stories. Coleen lived largely and will be missed widely. I always wondered how she managed to have such energy on the myriad projects with which she was involved. Now I know: she had much to accomplish in such a short time. We all know that our time on earth is finite, but we often live as if it is infinite.

    Coleen, on the other hand, lived her life in recognition of its finite qualities -- she had to make sure things got done! I can't think of a better example for all of us. Learn as if you were to live forever. I love rarely and always with closed doors. But Coleen walked into my heart the instant we met at dog school with our new pound pooches. It wasn't because she stage-whispered to her sun-colored pup, Stella, to watch our clever mutt, Jake, and it wasn't because she mentioned that she could "diagram the hell out of a sentence.

    It was because Coleen is Coleen. I keep thinking of Emerson's quiet claim: "My friends have come to me unsought. The great God gave them to me. I wouldn't have loved her any less if I'd known we'd be robbed of her so soon. And I could not love her more.

    She was proud to be part of your family.

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    I've had a hard time putting my thoughts down. Coleen and I were such an unlikely pair! Coleen was raised very Catholic; I was raised very Protestant. When we went shoe shopping, we joked about her size versus my size. I can't even repeat the conversations from clothes shopping together. Over the years we had a lot of Skyline, tried every new pizza place, talked about families, friends, jobs, politics and just plain gossiped.

    We shared joys, sorrows, humor and a rare and true friendship. Ha ha, there aren't enough words to describe this incredible lady. I met her when I was about eight. I'm almost 16 now.