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The HSRU will also issue and keep up to date a Healthy Start supplier guide, which will contain further information relevant to these terms and conditions by way of guidance. Please refer to the current guide for additional advice on your role and responsibilities as a Healthy Start food outlet. A copy of the guide is also available here. You must be registered as a Healthy Start food outlet in order to claim payment for the supply of Healthy Start food in exchange for vouchers.

Applications for registration must be made to the HSRU on its application form. You will receive written notification of your registration as a Healthy Start food outlet. It will also include a form on which to make your first claim for payment. From then on, a new claim form will be issued with each remittance advice letter. You may only accept Healthy Start vouchers in exchange for, or payment towards Healthy Start food. Northern Ireland. Dads automatically have parental responsibility if they're married to the mother when the child's born; or if he marries her afterwards, providing he lives in Northern Ireland at the time of the marriage.

Unmarried dads of children born after 15 April also have it, if their name's on the birth certificate. If you don't automatically qualify, you need to get a parental responsibility agreement. The mother needs to agree to this, and you need to be connected to the child, eg, as their father or step-parent. You'll need the child's birth certificate and proof of your ID. This is a complex area. If you die without a will and there is no one else with parental responsibility, the courts decide who looks after your child.

Those on certain benefits or pregnant and under 18 can get NHS Healthy Start scheme vouchers every week to swap for milk, fruit and vegetables.

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Who's entitled? Anyone who is under 18 and pregnant qualifies. See a full list. How to apply. If you don't have an application form, you can download one. Once it receives your application form, you should receive your vouchers within two weeks. Combine two Amazon discounts and you can grab a big saving on nappies and wipes. There's no minimum commitment, so if you want, you can simply cancel after your first delivery.

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Remember — don't forget to cancel your trial before the 30 days are up to avoid being charged, plus stop your subscription once you've got all you need. How much can I save? In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, births need to be registered within 42 days in Scotland it's 21 days. You can do this in the local registry office for where the birth happened, or it can often be done at the hospital before the mother leaves. If you can't get to your local register office, you can go to another and they'll send your details through.

Once you're with the registrar, it generally takes about half an hour to complete the process. Once you have registered the birth, your baby will be issued with a short birth certificate for free in England and Wales. If would like a more detailed one, there are extra fees. The rules are slightly different for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Women who are pregnant or have had a baby in the past 12 months get free NHS dental treatment and prescriptions throughout the UK. It's a handy little freebie, so make sure you make the most of it while you can.

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Remember to book a dental check-up before the end of your first year as a new mum, as MSE Jenny did:. Woo woo! Plus some can also get free eye tests, depending on where you live. Click the dropdowns below to get info for where you live:. However, women who are pregnant or who've had a baby in the past 12 months get free NHS prescriptions and dental treatment. To get it, you need a valid maternity certificate or maternity exemption certificate. Get form FW8 from your doctor, midwife or health visitor.

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  5. In Scotland, everyone gets free prescriptions and, unlike anywhere else in the UK, free eye tests. Pregnant women or women who've had a baby in the past 12 months also get free dental treatment with a valid maternity exemption certificate. In Wales, everyone gets free prescriptions.

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    Pregnant women or women who've had a baby in the past 12 months also get free NHS dental treatment with a maternity exemption card. To get one, ask your doctor, midwife or health visitor for form FW8W. Prescriptions are free for all. Pregnant women and women who've had a baby in the past 12 months can also get free Health Service HS dental treatment. Just get form HC11A from your GP, midwife or health care specialist to get a maternity exemption certificate.

    Designed to replace the childcare vouchers scheme, it was launched in April The scheme is designed so that for every 80p you put in, the state will add 20p — so it effectively gives you basic-rate tax back on what you pay, hence the scheme's name. Tax-Free Childcare are open to all qualifying parents, unlike childcare vouchers, which could only be bought by people whose employer offers the scheme.

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    If you're about to add to your family, make sure you've made a will. Everyone with any assets such as savings or a house, and loved ones they'd like to look after, should consider making one.

    It's well worth tackling as soon as possible, both for your baby and for your peace of mind. A will has three main functions:. It names your executors. These are the people you choose to sort out your finances after you've gone. It shares out your estate. A will lets you state where everything you own will go, from property to pets. It helps sort out inheritance tax. If you die without a will, strict rules mean your assets may not go where you want them to. If you haven't planned for it, inheritance tax may take a hefty, unexpected chunk. Don't leave a financial nightmare for your family.

    Even if you've already got a will, make sure it's current. Solicitor-drafted wills can be cheap or free to make or amend. Setting aside a little time for yourself can pay dividends, so try to give each other time off. We have a routine where every Saturday I get up early with our daughter. We sit in the kitchen batch-cooking food for the week while mum has a lie in.

    So I bought one item, she bought another bouncing cradle and door bouncer.

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    We just swap when we fancy a change! I would narrate to her what I was doing or show her interesting things, but she was enthralled just watching me. Take it all with a pinch of salt. Stick with how you feel and what suits your baby and partner best. If you've a new baby on the way, or other kids under 18, make sure you discuss with your partner and family who'd look after them if you're unable to. Don't put it off — making plans and provisions now will help to ensure they're safe and cared for if the worst happens.

    When you discuss it, first make sure those you've asked are prepared to do it, as it's a big commitment. But if, further down the line, they become unable to look after them, or if they refused, a court would appoint a suitable guardian instead. Some parents find money is very tight when a little'un arrives. If you're struggling to pay bills, some banks offer mortgage payment 'holidays', when you take a break from all or part of your monthly payments for a fixed period, usually a few months.

    While this may sound tempting, it's important to understand that though you won't have to pay anything for the duration, you'll still be racking up additional interest on your mortgage each month.